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Being reliant on Heating Oil have you ever felt a little guilty, as I have, that you are not doing your bit towards trying to reduce the toxic emissions that come from your boiler?  Some of us have no choice but to stay on heating oil so there  is little we can do about it, but you could reduce your overall "carbon footprint" by changing to a "green" electricity supplier.    


I recently used a price comparison site to change over my electricity supplier to a company called BULB who provide 100% Renewable Energy, as well as giving me a lower Standing Charge & appreciably better kWh Unit Rate.


A few incentives for joining BULB:  


  • BULB is 15% lower than the standard Big 6 Plans.

  • They only have one Tariff - A Flexi Variable.

  • The web site is brilliant - not complicated to use with no jargon.

  • If you want to leave then you just leave without incurring a penalty fee.

  • They are one of the lowest Tariffs on the market.


Further Incentive:


  • If you decide to join them they will pay any exit fee charged by your

        existing electricity provider.


Final Incentive:


  • If you join, you and the person who recommeded you, each receive £50 in cash or as credit which can be used towards paying your electricity bill.

  • You can then invite other people by sending them the dedicated referral      

         link you will receive from BULB which will enable you to receive a £50

         introduction fee for each person that joins.


Extremely Important:


The fee is only paid to you if you apply to join BULB using the Get Quote referral link shown below.  If you sign up by going to BULB direct, or through a price comparison site as I did, you will NOT receive the £50 fee.


By pressing the link Get Quote below you will be directed to the BULB web site

where by answering a few questions you will receive an immediate quotation.


You have nothing to lose as the quotation commits you to nothing, but potentially a lot to gain, so if you have never considered moving give it a try now!

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