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Ordering heating oil together we help every member at WOPEC achieve a great price. Place your order with us and we will take care of finding the best price for all our members.

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After we have found the best price with a list of trusted oil distributors. We will then place the order for all our members. This means we have the buying power to get a great price.

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Heating oil is delivered to you in the normal manner with you paying the oil distributor direct. It’s that easy to get a good price on oil with WOPEC, so JOIN NOW and discover the savings you can make.  

How to get Cheaper Heating Oil in Devon and Somerset.

Why WOPEC?  The simple answer is to make a great saving on your heating oil costs, as we always obtain a very competitive price which you would find difficult to match ordering as an individual.  We know you must have many questions and we hope we will be able to answer many of them. View the FAQ’s below to find out if WOPEC may be your answer to cheaper heating oil. If we have not been able to answer all your questions, then please do not hesitate to use the Contact Us link or telephone us direct on 01884 861 186.


The opportunity for you to save money by obtaining your Heating Oil at a better price than you normally would be able to achieve by organising it yourself.

We contact heating oil companies offering to place a bulk order for ‘tens of thousands’ of litres with the company that gives us the best deal. This discounted price, which you would find difficult to achieve ordering as an individual, is then passed directly onto you.

90% of all our members have joined us by receiving a direct recommendation to do so from a friend, relative or neighbour who have already experienced the savings to be obtained through our bulk buying co-operative. No form of advertising beats “word of mouth” from people who want others to benefit from their good fortune.

Because every time WOPEC places an order the resultant price per litre is put into Past Orders on the menu bar. It shows the discounted price we managed to achieve in the previous 12 months so that you can compare this price with what you obtained, hopefully seeing the sort of savings you would have made had you been a member of WOPEC. 

Under normal circumstances you sensibly would never consider ordering anything without first being aware of the price!  So, joining WOPEC does require a “leap of faith” on your part, as you will never know the price before placing a provisional order with us.  The reason for this is that we never know what price we will manage to achieve until negotiations with the oil distributors have been completed.  To achieve a very competitive price, like we always do, we offer to place a sufficiently large enough order with an oil distributor so as to attract a good discounted price from them, with this price being passed onto you. 

Oil prices are extremely volatile, so once a deal has been concluded it is important that we secure the price by sending off details of the members who have ordered as soon as possible. The price is disclosed in the LATEST OIL ORDER link within the Members Page of this web site, normally on the day we place the order, where you can then decide if you still wish to continue with delivery or not.  In the unlikely event that you were not happy with the price then you could cancel your order directly with whoever we have placed it with.

No, we do not receive any form of remuneration from any heating oil company, including advertising, other than your yearly membership fee. This allows us to be completely impartial and only select the heating oil supplier who offers us the very best discount which we then pass directly on to you.

After initially completing the membership procedure, none whatsoever, apart from any further communication you may wish to have direct with the heating oil supplier once the following information has been viewed by you in the Members Page on this web site every time we place an order:-

• The name of the heating oil supplier that will be delivering your oil order.

• The price per litre that we have negotiated on your behalf.

• An approximate delivery date.

• Payment options.

• The name of an individual that you can contact if you wish to discuss payment options or to obtain a more accurate delivery date.

At the moment we operate within the whole of Devon and Somerset but hope to eventually extend this opportunity to other regions within the S.W. in the not too distant future.

No, apart from your annual fee, we do not accept any money from you.

You will pay for your oil direct to which ever company we have obtained the best price from, either prior to, on, or after delivery depending on the company’s payment criteria. A few companies, particularly if you personally have not used them before insisting that you pay prior to delivery by credit or debit card.

Once you have decided to confirm your membership and we receive our fee you will have full access to the Members Page on this web site. This will enable you to order heating oil as well as other services offered by us.

Yes, you can, as long as you remember that we will only physically place your order with the oil distributor when we order in bulk on specified days of the month (See Order Frequency on the menu bar). 

There is no limit to the amount of times you could order. At present we take orders twice a month during the Autumn/Winter months with the exception of December when we only order once, and once a month during the Spring/Summer so you could in theory order 17 times a year if you so wished. This flexibility means that it is unlikely you will run out of oil and have to order outside of our cooperative thereby paying a considerable amount more.

As much as you require bearing in mind that you only pay 5% VAT if the oil is for domestic consumption and is less than 2,300 litres. If you order more than 2,300 litres at any one time you may be required to sign a disclaimer by the oil supplier, stating that your oil order is only for domestic use. If you are a business, then you will pay 20% VAT.

WOPEC normally passes details of its member’s requirements to the oil supplier on the same day that the order is placed or the following day at the latest. Because we normally order a large volume of oil it does take time for the oil supplier to process and deliver it, with not all members receiving their order on the same day. Most suppliers state that the entire order will be completed over a 10-working day period with this being extended still further during high demand periods such as Christmas or during adverse weather conditions.

Fabulous, at least you are getting a little discount by ordering through them, but not necessarily the maximum that you could achieve which would be through us. Small groups often do not have sufficient ‘buying power’ to get a really good discount and do not order as frequently as we do. They may also not offer a competitively priced chimney sweep or boiler service scheme.
Yes you can. But please remember that our £20 annual fee is paid yearly in advance with no part of this fee being returned to you in the event that you cancel your membership. In the unlikely event that you were not satisfied with our service or that you were moving outside our delivery area, then a letter or e-mail from you cancelling your membership is all that is required so that you would not continue to receive unsolicited e-mails from us.
No I’m sorry you can’t, but there is nothing to stop you using a computer in your local library or an internet cafe. Better yet ask a neighbour, friend or family member to act as your ‘WOPEC Buddy’ by using their computer for you to order your oil and receive information from us.

Yes, you can, as long as it is a Smart Phone.

We manage to keep our costs down by not posting any information to our members, also, by not accepting telephone orders or e-mails, we reduce the risk of ‘malicious’ ordering and any misunderstanding that may take place whilst placing an order verbally.
Only you can answer that question. It stands to reason that the more oil you order the bigger your potential saving with our yearly fee becoming very cost effective. We can confidently state that the money saved by ordering just once a year normally gives you a small ‘profit’, whilst ordering very large amounts can save you hundreds of pounds!
  • We confirm your order by an immediate e-mail along with the time and date.
  • We place all our orders for that month into a large buying ‘pool’.
  • We then contact various oil distribution companies to obtain the best price.
  • We place your order.
  • We send the chosen company your name, address and amount of oil required.
  • We then illustrate on the Members Page of this web site which company will be delivering your oil, what the price will be, the payment criteria, an approximate delivery date and a contact name and telephone number.
  • You receive the oil and pay the company direct like you normally do.
No, I’m afraid it isn’t through WOPEC. Our successful formulae is based on orders being delivered within a small geographical area normally within a 10 working day period. This enables the oil supplier to reduce their costs and pass that saving onto WOPEC members in the form of cheaper oil by organising delivery at their convenience. A guaranteed next day delivery normally means a considerable higher price for your oil to achieve this kind of service!
In most cases YES we can. But please bear in mind that our main aim is to get the best possible price for our membership as a whole and then place a very large order. On occasions this order will be placed with a heating oil supplier who does not possess a ‘mini tanker’, in which case if this happens then we are sorry but you will unfortunately NOT be able to receive your oil order through WOPEC.
No there isn’t. Prior to joining WOPEC most members would let their oil run very low so as to be able to obtain the financial benefit associated with ordering over 1000 litres, as opposed to having to pay the higher per litre price for ordering less. By being a member of WOPEC this price differential no longer exists, as all members pay the 1000 plus litre price regardless of the fact that they may have only ordered 500 litres. In addition to the above each member will also gain from WOPEC ordering in bulk to get the price reduced still further through buying in such a large quantity.

WOPEC has been organising the delivery of oil for its members for over 10 years and so far the price has been the same for all, but this cannot be guaranteed in the future. With WOPEC increasing the size of its catchment area there may be occasions when a good per litre oil price has been obtained from an oil distribution company that does not normally deliver to certain areas of Devon or Somerset. If this situation were to arise then a small surcharge may be incurred to members residing in those areas to cover the additional delivery expense.

Thank you for your ‘leap of faith’. We are obviously biased but we do not think you will be disappointed.

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