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Ordering heating oil together we help every member at WOPEC achieve a great price. Place your order with us and we will take care of finding the best price for all our members.

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We Order

After we have found the best price with a list of trusted oil distributors. We will then place the order for all our members. This means we have the buying power to get a great price.

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Your Oil Is Delivered

Heating oil is delivered to you in the normal manner with you paying the oil distributor direct. It’s that easy to get a good price on oil with WOPEC, so JOIN NOW and discover the savings you can make.  

Tanker Size Guide

From previous heating oil orders you probably already know what size tanker normally delivers to you, but if at all uncertain please be guided by the following descriptions and select accordingly. 

The vast majority of WOPEC members select a Standard Tanker  e.g.  I live on a narrow country lane with very few passing points but select a Standard Tanker.  Most Medium Tankers possess both front and rear wheel steering capabilities which can access almost anywhere, so if you are unsure whether a Standard Tanker is appropriate then this is the one to select.

ONLY select a Baby Tanker, which is about the size of a Ford Transit Van if, as the description implies, you really do have extremely difficult access to your property!  The reason for this is that not all oil distributors possess a Baby Tanker which means that if this option is selected by you and we place our order with one of those companies then you WILL NOT receive your order.  

Baby Tanker

oil lorry
Approx 8ft wide x 17ft long

If you have any access problems that involve low bridges, narrow roads, restricted entrances or weight restrictions

Medium Tanker

oil lorry
Approx 9ft wide x 24ft long

The Medium Tanker option is the choice if you have had or do have restricted access to your property.

Standard Tanker

oil lorry
Approx 10ft wide x 29ft long

Select a standard tanker if you have no restricted access to your property.

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