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Ordering heating oil together we help every member at WOPEC achieve a great price. Place your order with us and we will take care of finding the best price for all our members.

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We Order

After we have found the best price with a list of trusted oil distributors. We will then place the order for all our members. This means we have the buying power to get a great price.

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Your Oil Is Delivered

Heating oil is delivered to you in the normal manner with you paying the oil distributor direct. It’s that easy to get a good price on oil with WOPEC, so JOIN NOW and discover the savings you can make.  

Order Frequency

WOPEC presently orders 17 times a year, once a month during the Spring/Summer period and twice during the Autumn/Winter with the exception of December when we only order once. The order is placed with an oil distributor on the 1st day of the month from April to September and the 1st & 15th day of the month from October to March. There may be occasions where these dates will alter if they come over a weekend or bank holiday when the date will be either earlier or later than scheduled depending on how near they are to the next order.

WOPEC Order Dates For Devon and Somerset

Orders can be placed with WOPEC via the Members Page of this web site at any time during any month, with midnight the day before the order is placed with an oil distributor being the deadline so as to give us sufficient time to collate and process the information. NB Please note that these dates are subject to change with prior notice being given.



The date your order needs to be received by WOPEC giving us sufficient time to collate & process it before placement
The date we negotiate a price with oil distributors and your order is sent to who ever has offered us the best price
Midnight 31st December 1st January
Midnight 14th January 15th January
Midnight 31st January 1st February
Midnight 14th February 15th February
Midnight 28th February 1st March
Midnight 14th March 15th March
Midnight 31st March 1st April
Midnight 30th April 1st May
Midnight 31st May 1st June
Midnight 30th June 1st July
Midnight 31st July 1st August
Midnight 31st August 1st September
Midnight 30th September 1st October
Midnight 14th October 15th October
Midnight 31st October 1st November
Midnight 14th November 15th November
Midnight 30th November 1st December *

*Only one order is placed in December

Save on Heating Oil With WOPEC

Save on your heating oil with WOPEC. Discover how we can help you save on you oil purchases through the year. Our membership is truly worth every penny and with WOPEC we all save. 

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