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Ordering heating oil together we help every member at WOPEC achieve a great price. Place your order with us and we will take care of finding the best price for all our members.

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After we have found the best price with a list of trusted oil distributors. We will then place the order for all our members. This means we have the buying power to get a great price.

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Your Oil Is Delivered

Heating oil is delivered to you in the normal manner with you paying the oil distributor direct. It’s that easy to get a good price on oil with WOPEC, so JOIN NOW and discover the savings you can make.  

Previous Heating Oil Prices When Ordered Through WOPEC

As you can see from our past orders shown below, we consistently achieve a competitive price for our members. The prices shown include the 5% VAT charged by oil distributors for the 500L & 1000L columns. Do take note that unlike most oil distributors, you will NOT be financially penalised for only ordering between 500L and 999 litres, as our prices are the same for any amount of oil ordered, with you also gaining from us ordering in bulk on behalf of our membership thus reducing your heating oil bill still further. 

                               So join WOPEC today and discover the savings we can achieve for you by reducing your heating oil bill with our lower oil prices. 

                                                        DATE                                                       Litre Price Ex VAT                        500 Litres inc VAT                       1000 Litres inc VAT
1st January 2024 63.70p £334.42 £668.85
15th January 2024 65.80p £345.45 £690.90
1st February 2024 67.18p  £352.69 £705.39
15th February 2024 67.95p £356.74 £713.47
1st March 2024 63.99p £335.95 £671.89
15th March 2024 62.90p £330.22 £660.45
1st April 2024 63.40p £332.85 £665.70
1st May 2023 56.85p £298.46 £596.92
1st June 2023 54.84p £287.91 £575.82
1st July 2023 54.35p £285.34 £570.67
1st August 2023 63.54p £333.58 £667.17
1st September 2023 69.60p £365.40 £730.80
1st October 2023 77.00p £404.25 £808.50
15th October 2023 77.00p £404.25 £808.50
1st November 2023 71.00p £372.75 £745.50
15th November 2023 68.00p £357.00 £714.00
1st December 2023 66.50p £349.12 £698.25


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Contact our team today and start saving on your heating oil for your home and red diesel too. Join WOPEC today to save money year on year. For more details, feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you have.

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