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Ordering heating oil together we help every member at WOPEC achieve a great price. Place your order with us and we will take care of finding the best price for all our members.

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We Order

After we have found the best price with a list of trusted oil distributors. We will then place the order for all our members. This means we have the buying power to get a great price.

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Your Oil Is Delivered

Heating oil is delivered to you in the normal manner with you paying the oil distributor direct. It’s that easy to get a good price on oil with WOPEC, so JOIN NOW and discover the savings you can make.  

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

  • The minimum oil order is for 500 litres.
  •  NO orders will be accepted for heating oil after midnight on the day before we

         place an order with an oil distributor.

  •  WOPEC will contact various oil suppliers to obtain what they consider to be the

          best price in conjunction with the delivery date and that this price will be

          accepted by you.  If you wish to cancel the order the onus is on you to contact  

         the Oil Distributor direct using the information provided on the Members Page of

         our web site.  

  •  I understand that WOPEC will place an order with its chosen supplier and

          thereafter the contract for the supply of oil will be solely between the supplier

          and me and responsibility for the performance of such contract (e.g. in relation

          to delivery, connection, billing, payment etc) lies entirely with the supplier and


  •  I agree that no responsibility is assumed by WOPEC for any injury and/or

          damage to persons or property as a matter of products liability, negligence or

          otherwise, or from any use or operation of any methods, products, instruction

          or ideas detailed at this website or from WOPEC partner suppliers or their


  • You will be invoiced directly by the oil supplier and you will settle this account

         according to their payment criteria either prior to, on, or directly after the

        delivery date.

  • I understand that the Witheridge Oil Purchase Energy Cooperative known as WOPEC, or its coordinator, does not accept any responsibility for the settlement of individual accounts.
  • You give permission for your name, address & telephone numbers to be forwarded to the company that we have chosen to deliver your oil but we will not  

         divulge your e-mail address to them.

  • We will attempt to comply with all aspects of the Data Protection Act 1998 and will not divulge your name, address, telephone numbers, e-mail address or any other personal information to any individuals or organisations without your


  • Our annual membership fee of £20 is paid through PayPal if you have an account with them, or by credit or debit card through this company free of

        charge if you do not.  It will automatically be collected annually until such time as

        you cancel the service.

  • You will inform us of any change in your address or contact details and if you do not we cannot be held responsible for oil being sent to the wrong address.
  • If you wish to discontinue your membership the onus is on you to cancel your

        yearly fee through PayPal or your bank in time to stop it being paid when your  

        membership is due.  If this is not carried out your fee will be reimbursed to

        you minus a £5 administrative charge.    

  • No membership fee is returned if you have already ordered oil in any particular

        year, as the “profit” you make by ordering just once normally pays for your fee.  

  • Heating Oil will only be delivered to the address that is inserted onto the Membership form when you joined WOPEC.  If you want oil delivered to another

        address then a further £20 annual membership fee needs to be paid.

  • If we do not receive our annual fee we will not accept an oil order from you until

         we have received payment for the outstanding amount.  

  • Our fee is paid one year in advance with NO part of it being refundable in the event you move house outside of our order area, cannot receive oil for the

         reasons mentioned in the last three bullet points, cannot receive oil because the

         oil company does not have a ‘Mini’ tanker or you decide for what ever reason to  

         cease being a member of WOPEC.

  • I agree that WOPEC shall have no liability to me for any claims that may rise

         between the supplier and me for any supply contract I may take out with them

         and the invoicing / payment thereafter.

  • You agree to maintain your oil tank in good condition.  You also accept that oil  

         companies have the right to refuse to deliver your oil if they consider your tank  

         contravenes government or OFTEC regulations relating to health & safety or be

        a potential pollution hazard.

  • If you normally have oil delivered by ‘Mini / Baby Tanker’ there may be occasions when WOPEC has selected a company that does not possess one.  If

        this were to happen then you WOULD NOT be able to receive oil through

        WOPEC on that occasion.

  • Your order increases our negotiating power giving us a better discount so once  

        submitted we regard it as binding.  Continued cancellation of orders or any

        other abuse of this condition will result in termination of membership.

  • If our annual membership fee of £20 is not received the member will be sent

        an e-mail reminder to pay the fee within 14 days. If the fee is not received we will

        assume that they no longer wish to remain a member and their details will be

        removed from our data base. Should they subsequently decide to rejoin

        WOPEC within one year then an administration fee of £5 will be incurred.

  • The onus is on all WOPEC members to obtain Post Order Information through

        the Members Page of this web site so as to ensure that their oil order is

        delivered without any problems occuring. WOPEC will NOT be held responsible

        if the member does not comply with this mandate and as a result they do not

        receive the discounted price, or their order is not delivered.

  • WOPEC will not accept responsibility if you place an order giving inaccurate or

        insufficient information resulting in the order not being delivered or being sent to

        the wrong address.      

  • We reserve the right to cancel any membership for what ever cause without    

        having to justify the reason.

  • We reserve the right to alter these terms and conditions at any time.

                       Please make a special note of the following three bullet points.  

       They have not occured yet but with the expansion of WOPEC the following three  

                                         conditions may apply in the future:


  • The price of Heating Oil is the same for all members of WOPEC regardless of

         how large the order is.  The exception to this may be on rare occasions when        

         WOPEC has selected a cheap supplier which does not normally deliver to    

         certain areas within Devon & Somerset, in which case a small delivery

         surcharge may apply to members residing in that area.

  •  There may be occasions when an oil supplier has given us a very good price  

          but will NOT under any circumstances deliver to certain areas of Devon &

          Somerset.  WOPEC always considers the best price for the majority of its

          members, so if the above were to happen then you would NOT be able

          to receive oil via WOPEC on that occasion.  

  •  Similar to above there may also be an occasion when a supplier will NOT    

         deliver to an individual without other deliveries taking place nearby.  If this were  

         to happen then we cannot be held responsible and you will not be able to order

         oil through WOPEC on that occasion.   WOPEC gets good prices by placing

         large orders with oil suppliers on the understanding that ALL deliveries take

         place within a small geographical area enabling the company to reduce their

         delivery costs.  It is in the interest of all members to encourage near

         neighbours to join WOPEC so as to ensure that the situation described above

         does not apply to them.


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