Lottery Syndicate with WOPEC

Welcome to the WOPEC lottery page where we hope to show you how we often WIN multiple times during each week, albeit small amounts so far…. but we like to think that with each win we are getting closer to the big one!

To those of you who are unfamiliar with how a lottery syndicate works, the Three Musketeers motto: “All for one and one for all” explains it well, essentially meaning that the proceeds of any winning ticket is shared amongst the players who participated in the draw that week, as all the players have purchased a percentage of it.        

We have forty-three active members in our Lottery Syndicate purchasing 45 tickets each week in a mixture of LOTTO and EuroMillions, drawn at random for a cost of £199, with each member spending £4.63.  It was agreed by all initial players to only purchase 45 tickets each week with the cost fluctuating depending on how many members continue to play.  So, if you were to join today the weekly cost per player shown above would reduce.

Your “investment” is protected by an automatically upgraded syndicate agreement which alters every time someone joins or leaves.

Should you decide to join us today then please ensure that you take note of the following two points:

a)      That you view the Terms & Conditions within the Syndicate Tool web site taking particular attention to note 5. Operation of a Syndicate, which clearly states that although on paper you are a member of the WOPEC lottery Syndicate, you will NOT receive a share of any winnings if your payment balance was insufficient to purchase a share of the tickets purchased for any one week of play.

b)    If you decide to join us then you MUST enable the Automatic Top-Up link in the Payment section of the Syndicate Tool web site, paying with either a credit or debit card as no other form of payment is acceptable.

If you would like to do a virtual tour to find out further information then click on the following link:

To join and be in with a chance to share in the BIG ONE click on the following link: